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Mix’n’Match (61) ~ElleMents Modelshapes~

Electelle Eales released some very cute new Model-Shapes. There are more than 30 shapes including whole styling-cards. So take the taxi and grap them!

HarschStyle new release from Nikita Fride

Heyas Guys,

today Nikita Fride released this cool Skin and crazy Hair^^

Skin: Man Ebony Skin(comes with/without hair):  [Nikita Fride]

Hair: CrazyMan Hair(available in many colors):  [Nikita Fride]

Special Thanks to Nikita^^

Mix’n’Match (61) ~ Sascha’s Design~

Sascha Frangilli gave out new gowns! They are dreamful, lovely and high detailed! Thanks to Sascha!

dress: SAS – Allure Magenta (comes in a long and short version)

skin: -Belleza- Alyson MED

jewelry: Virtual Impressions Samantha Necklace & Earrings

hair: W&Y AGATA Model  05

NEW releases from ROOTS

Heyas people,

today we present you the new releases from ROOTS :). Sexy, grungy and dark! So take the limo to Roots.

Harsch wears:

Hair: Y-17 FAT TEXdolce9:  ZEUS

Shirt(left): 00T10008:  Roots Shirt(middle): 00T0006:  Roots Shirt(right): ooT0011:  Roots

Jeans(left): 00J10008:  Roots Jeans(middle): 00J0007:  Roots Jeans(right): 00J0007:  Roots

Belt: CHAIN:  Calypso Giano

Nala wears:

1 & 2 >>ROOTS<<00T10014 (comes with an w/o chain version and nipple option)

3 & 4 >>ROOTS<<00T10015 (comes with an w/o chain version and nipple option)

5 >>ROOTS<<00T10017

skin: [rQ]Skin~Bronze@TYPE.03

hair: AD – endra black

left: >>ROOTS<<00J10006

right: >>ROOTS<<00J10005

necklace: >>ROOTS<<00A10033 (comes with a resizer skript)

Spezial Thanks from us to Naida & Sark :-)

Mix’n’Match (60) ~Miamai~

Monica Outlander released a very cute and lovely new dress, called Miamai Lethe Burgundy. Its a dress for a dancing night or for just being a princes. I was stunning about the well done textures! Thank you Monica!

dress: Miamai_Lethe Burgundy

skin: -Glam Affair- LEONA Pale Skin -Make Up 6

hair: Exile Juliette /ash

jewelry: Gems & Kisses – Miracle of Light – Silver – Miniset

Love, Nala Kurka

Mix’n’Match (59) ~Nikita Fride~

Nikita Fride released some great new hairstyles! Check them out! Nikita Fride stands for great and unique hairstyles and textures, realistic skins and great accessoirs.

[Nikita] Rasta

[Nikita] Gothic Roses Hair – Sweet Mixed

Love, Nala Kurka

HarschStyle new release @GABRIEL^^

Hey Guys, i will show you a great warm Sweater from GABRIEL now, looks really Hot i think^^

Sweater: Loose Sweater (in white, pink, blue, brown or grey):  GABRIEL

Special thanks to Argnit^^

Mix’n’Match (58) ~ (Hot Mood) is meeting *JD*

Hey Fashion Junkies,

today I’ll present you the new label from (Hot Mood), owned by David78 Messerchmitt, combinated with jewelry from *JD*.

outfit: (Hot Mood) Bisous Noir

earrings: *JD*EARRING black flower

braclet: *JD*REVERSE-NECKLACE black flower

shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Ava (Black) v1.34

dress: (Hot Mood) Disco Dress Violet (comes in 2 versions)

necklace: *JD*REVERSE-NECKLACE black flower

hair: Laqroki ~ Saturday – Black

dress (down left): (Hot Mood) Hot Affair Dress

HarschStyle Hot Rocker


Shirt: Net Shirt V-Style:  Immerschoen

Pants: Jeans Pants w. LeatherChaps #Buckle 2:  Immerschoen



Necklace: crest_Necklace_Black_m:  GABRIEL

Bracelet: crest bracelet Black_M:  GABRIEL

Belt: crest belt black_M:  GABRIEL

Now the hotter part of this Post

Underpants: Leather Underpants available in 6 colors:  Immerschoen

Have Rockin Hot Fun while shopping^^

Mix’n’Match (58) ~Baiastice~

Sissy Pessoa released a very cute and lovely mini dress in 9 different colors and 2 diff style versions!

dress: Baiastice_Maya-Red

hair: .::MADesigns Hair::. Natural Black ~ ALEX

earrings: Gems & Kisses – Miracle of Light – Silver – Miniset

skin: -Glam Affair- LEONA Pale Skin -Make Up 6 (base version)

Have fun with shopping! Love, Nala


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