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Mix’n’Match (348) ~ News from Miamai, *Plume and Skin Fair (7)

A new hot bodysuit from Miamai is on the market! “Eve Legacy” comes up in blue, red and white and is including a nice face tattoo and the future version of the Miamai Kyrie Boots. Its really hot stuff! For this sexy style-up i added a very nice hairstyle von *Plume.
Its also time for a review from the Skin Fair. Today i show you the new skin from ALEIDA, “Valentina”. The skin comes up in 5 different skin tones, 7 make-ups and each skin packet contains:

- dark hairbase as tatto layer
- light hairbase as tatto layer
- freckless as tatto layer
- Valentina shape (as in advertising pics)
- skin with cleavage & hairbase
- skin without cleavage & hairbase
- skin without cleavage, with hairbase
- skin with cleavage, without hairbase

So hurry up and check this out! At the fair you will get a special promo version of the skin with a stunning prize! Its a limited edition version, whose won’t be sold after.

skin: I ALEIDA I Valentina PALE – Make up 3 (cleav. & no hb) @ Skin Fair
hair: *Plume* – Punk/Cherry NEW
hairbase: Amacci Hairbase Tattoo – Red Auburn
mask: *Plume* mask

outfit: Miamai_[BlackLabel]_Eve Legacy Red NEW

I ALEIDA I Valentina DARK TAN – Skinfair 2011 (cleav. & no hb)
I ALEIDA I Valentina NOUGAT – Skinfair (cleav. & no hb)
I ALEIDA I Valentina SUNK – Skinfair 2011 (cleav. & no hb)
I ALEIDA I Valentina TAN – Skinfair 2011 (cleav. & no hb)

I ALEIDA I Valentina PALE – Make up 4 (cleav. & no hb)
I ALEIDA I Valentina PALE – Make up 5 (cleav. & no hb)
I ALEIDA I Valentina PALE – Make up 6 (cleav. & no hb)
I ALEIDA I Valentina PALE – Make up 7 (cleav. & no hb)

model: Nala Kurka
photos: Nala Kurka

Mix’n’Match (347) ~ News from Chantkare and {SMS}

skin: *Redgrave* Fairy Skin -Avie-
hair: Amacci Hair Knot – Deep Copper + hairbase
belt: [LeLutka]-MI VIDA Belt_Terra
jacket: {SMS} Another Vintage Jacket Beige
shirt: {Gisaci} Rainy Day Dress – Gold
shoes: (Shiny Things) Delphine pumps – gold free
model: Nala Kurka
photo: Nala Kurka

Mix’n’Match (346) ~ News from Baiastice and Skin Fair (6)

Happy sunday (and my last vacation day)!

I have a nice new dress from Baiastice for you. The dress “Elenoire” looks very spanish with the puffy sleeves and the strapless tight upper dress. The skirt is more “avantgard” and is impressiving with a very nice texture.
I combinated this nice piece with the new skin “Holly” from Adam n Eve, available now at the skin fair. Last but not least you will see 2 of 3 nice hair styles from *Bliss Couture*, i guess a nice addition to make this style-up enclosed.

hair: !*Bliss Hair*! Sonne Hair – Pomegranate
skin: Adam n Eve Skins – Holly Natural – Wicked Bewbs @ Skin fair
necklace: edited by a necklace from Pacadi Jasha

dress: Baiastice_Elenoire NEW

Adam n Eve Skins – Holly Natural – Kohl
Adam n Eve Skins – Holly Natural – Wicked Bewbs
Adam n Eve Skins – Holly Tan – Blossom
hair!*Bliss Hair*! Yanni Hair – Pomegranate

Mix’n’Match (345) ~ News from -Azul- and Skin Fair (5)

Hello SL Fashion Junkies,

-Azul- released the adorable new gown “Serene” for the Miss Virtual World Show. Now its available at store in 6 cute gowns. You can wear different versions from this. For this post i choosed the “onxy” version.
I combinated the impressiv dress with the new *Redgrave* skin “Avie”. Its a very pale skin and perfect for fairys, elfes and redheads like me^^. I absolutely love this skin. Every skin comes with 2 brow options, 2 lipsticks layers, 1 light hairbase, 1 set of long nails and 2 breast enlargers. You can choose between 16 different make-ups. So hurry up and test them!

skin: 15   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*medusa *REDGRAVE* @ Skin Fair
hair: “LoQ Hairs” Pure Beauty – Fiery Red
jewelry: Donna Flora ELENA onix set
dress: AZUL- Serene/Onyx(MVW2011/Miss HongKong) NEW
nails: Candy Nail #P000 Basic Prim Nails Monotone 10

01   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*natural *REDGRAVE*
03   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*red *REDGRAVE*
04   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*pinkrose *REDGRAVE*

05   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*ice *REDGRAVE*
08   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*snowstorm *REDGRAVE*
09   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*smoky *REDGRAVE*

11   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*ash *REDGRAVE*
13   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*eyeliner *REDGRAVE*
16  Fairy Skin -Avie- /*redEye *REDGRAVE*

model: Nala Kurka
photos: Nala Kurka

Fashion Show (32) ~ Dresscode presents N1CO Killerbarbies World

DRESSCODE invites you to join the incredible and fantastic runwayshow “N1CO Killerbarbies World” produced by the great designer NOREIA OWEN with her label N1CO. The talented models from the agency “DRESSCODE MODELS” will represent this great stuff.

when? friday, 25th of february 2011 at 1 pm slt

Let yourself be suprised and fascinated by a show presenting a grandious variety of different designs of Noreia Owen with grunge, gothic and fantasy elements. Absolutly unique in Second Life!

Enjoy those brillant presentation of design art and fashion!

Taxi to the Show

Mix’n’Match (344) ~ News from My Precious and Skin Fair (4)

hey folks,

time for introducing another nice new skin from the “Skin Fair“. I know you all have amazing problems to get there, cause the lag is enormous and the region is always full. But be patient. The “Skin Fair” goes till the 6th of march. So some time for all to get there! Today i will show you the new skin “Paris” from ***Chaisuki***. I really love this skin! “Paris” is available in 6 skin tones, 5 hairbases, 5 eyebrow colors, 18 different lipsticks and with alternative breasts, tan line, pubic hair, shape, special layers (face diamons, bloody face, blush, eyeliner, beauty mark, opened lips). You have so many opportunities to mix and match them.
In this post i included the new adorable dress from “My Precious” and new hair by “Lyrique”. The dress “Agnes La Rose” is available in 3 nice colors. I guess its matching perfectly to the new skin. But, like always, see yourself!

skin: ***Chaisuki*** PARIS 14 milky with  ***Chaisuki*** PARIS eyebrows carrot on milky @ Skin Fair
hair: Lyrique_Geneivere Copper NEW

necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Orquidea – necklace
dress: Agnes La Rose Black and White by My Precious NEW
shoes: .:Vive9:. Xianv2 Boots – Black

lingerie: Baiastice_S_soft trasparent-yellow
hair: Amacci Hair Rona – Deep Copper
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 03 milky
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 08 milky
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 09 milky

***Chaisuki*** PARIS 01 caramel
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 02 caramel
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 15 caramel

***Chaisuki*** PARIS 17 nougat
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 04 nougat
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 12 nougat

***Chaisuki*** PARIS 13 peach
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 16 peach
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 06 peach

***Chaisuki*** PARIS 01 cream
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 18 cream
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 10 cream

***Chaisuki*** PARIS 04 vanille
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 17 vanille
***Chaisuki*** PARIS 11 vanille

model: Nala Kurka
all pictures: Nala Kurka

Mix’n’Match (343) ~ News from *Angel Dessous* and Skin Fair (3)

Hello SL Fashion Junkies,
in this third post for the Skin Fair i included a very nice new lingerie set from *Angel Dessous*. This stunning set “Eloise” in silver comes with 2 different tails in black or silver and arm bracelets and a belt. So you have 3 different versions to wear.
I also would like to present you the cute skin “Ella” from Idiosyncrasy, available in 3 different tones and each with 14 diff make-ups at the skin fair!

skin: Idiosyncrasy Ella Pale 3 LB C @ SKIN Fair
hair: Exile Agyness/copper

lingerie: *Angel Dessous* Eloise Silver NEW
shoes: [PM] Baby T’s Plain : Black :
earrings: LaGyo_Cursus earring silver

Idiosyncrasy Ella Natural 11 LB
Idiosyncrasy Ella Natural 14 LB
Idiosyncrasy Ella Natural 9 LB
Idiosyncrasy Ella Natural 10 LB

Idiosyncrasy Ella Dark 12 LB C + Idiosyncrasy Freckles – Dark
Idiosyncrasy Ella Dark 8 LB
Idiosyncrasy Ella Dark 13 LB
Idiosyncrasy Ella Dark 14 DB C

Mix’n’Match (342) ~ News from *OC*, Exile and Skin Fair (2)


its me again! Back with some more pictures of impressive new skins from the Skin Fair. I’m so in love with the new skins from *YS&YS!* I really adore the details, for example the lips. This skin is very unique.
In my style-up i combinated this with a new blue gown from *OC*. The dress “Vallo” includes a huge skirt, a strapless upper dress part and a nice shoulder-part with blossoms. I felt like an majestic woman wearing this!

dress: *OC* Vallo – blue NEW
hair: Exile Paris/copper NEW

skin: *YS & YS* Susan – 08 Smoky @ SKIN Fair
lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes N10

lingerie: Baiastice_S_Kim-gold/lemon NEW
*YS & YS* Susan – 02 Happy
*YS & YS* Susan – 09 Ice
*YS & YS* Susan – 10 Passion

lingerie: Baiastice_S_silky Bra&Panties-red NEW
hair: Exile Freja/copper NEW
*YS & YS* Liu – 04 Daylight
*YS & YS* Liu – 05 Eyecat
*YS & YS* Liu – 12 SKy


Mix’n’Match (341) ~ News from BehaviorBody

BehaviorBody is back!
Antosperandeo Allen released a new and fresh set of static poses: 25 poses (24 standing and 1 sit-pose ) plus the mirrored version for each pose.
In the package you will find all 50 poses plus 2 Hud preloaded and 2 posestand for photographer.
This set is a tribute for the models of 60′s period, it is  a set of funny attitude. I guess you will love this!

Taxi to BehaviorBody


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