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Show review: BeStyle District Agency ~ Razzle Dazzle Show

Happy Monday!

Yesterday i was part of the “Razzle Dazzle Show” by the BeStyle District Agency. It was a stunning glam event, showcasing beautiful designs by great SL designer.

This is a review with unedited snapshots to showcase the beautiful designs.

skin: [BLUSH] Catherine Skin – Just Red Lips
hair: Vanity Hair: Ole!-Noir
necklace: Flower Cascade Necklace in Black Pearls
bracelets: Armidi Gisaci – Triple Pearl Bracelet (R) – Black
dress: Alloro Red Collection – 003

skin: [BLUSH] Chloe Skin – Love Goddess
earrings/ring: LaGyo_Kai earring
bag: [ORTA] – Stella clutch in Aqua

hair: Baiastice_Iskra- hair attachment-BLACK
skin: [BLUSH] Elle Skin – Bella Donna
necklace: Finesmith Noir Collar
dress:  AD Wicca Darknight-Black
shoes: AZOURY-Les Bottines Dahlia Rose

turban: Vanity Hair: Manish
jewelry: (Kunglers Extra) Deorum – Silver
skin: [BLUSH] Elle Skin – A Touch of Nostalgy

snapshots, modeling and stylings by: Nala Kurka

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Mix’n’Match (497) ~ News by ! Bliss Couture ! and blackLiquid

Hello fashionistas,

I’m back with a real cool fur jacket by ! Bliss Couture ! along with crazy purple leggings and new hair plus make-up by blackLiquid.

The jacket is only stunning. A really cool pattern at the main body plus fur at the collar, sleeves and at belly. Beautiful, or? The coat is available in 6 different colors, make a stop at Bliss Couture mainstore!

hair: blackLiquid HAIR – Quiff black 1 NEW
eye-make-up: blackLiquid MAKEUP – TAE rainbow shaddow NEW
outfit: ! Bliss Fur !! Bliss Fur ! Yotov Fur Coat/Funky Leggings NEW
shoes: h.m.a.e.m. – puritane shoes – aubergine NEW

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka

Mix’n’Match (496) ~ News by !Rebel Hope Designs & Vanity Hair

Hey guys,

when i watch out the window in rl currently, i see really, really big snowflakes. But SL would not be SL if we cannot dream a bit of spring, warm air, birds singing in trees.

In this post you will find a breathtaking dress by !Rebe Hope Designs. Its a mesh item and so it fits perfect your body. Its a strapless spring dress with smart ruffles at the breast and a long tight skirt. I really adore this masterpiece! In store its available in plum, lavender, pewter and powber blue.

Along with this i wear the newest hair by “Vanity”, specially created for the “Festival of Sin”. Its a short locked hair cut with a hat. The hat and hat band can be colored in various colors. I saw, tested demo and “yes” i bought!

hair with hat: Vanity Hair:Sooner or Later-Umber @ Festival of Sin
: IT GIRLS -Daph Pale / Dark Brows
eye-make-up: IT GIRLS- Wixson Eyeshadow- Everyday
lip-make-up: IT GIRLS- Daph Lips- 2
necklace: LaGyo_Ippolita necklace purple @ TDR
dress: !Rebel Hope Designs - Stephanie Gown Plum NEW

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka

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Mix’n’Match (495) ~ News by (Kunglers) and Exile

Hello fashion friends,

in a few weeks we have spring! And some SL designer already started to design new fresh spring stuff.

Today i show you the newest release from (Kunglers). This cute dress can be wear with the included tights also in winter days, and without in spring. Its a sweet mini dress, with a sculpted breast part and a cute mini skirt plust belt. I love the pattern in retro style really much.

For perfect style i added a new hair from Exile, created for the “Festival of Sin”, which opened on the 18th of february.

I think this is a beautiful look for a shopping tour with friends or a picnic in the park. I love it!

hair: ::Exile:: Famous for Nothing:Sear NEW@Festival of Sin
glasses: (Yuli) *Kiss* Custom Sunglasses ULTIMATE VERSION
necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Bambu – necklace – natura
dress: (Kunglers) Clarissa dress – Moss NEW
gloves: LBD Nif Nif gloves /orangebrown (LeeZu)
bag: *Fishy Strawberry* Barcelona Bag Black @ TDR
shoes: *GF* Short Lace-Up Boots -Brown-

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka

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Mix’n’Match (494) ~ News by Miamai

Dear friends,

today I’m back with a beautiful new dress from Miamai and breathtaking “Mardi Grass” make-ups.

hair: Miamai_Cloister TearBlack
lashes: Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Evergreen 03 Erotica NEW
skin: IT GIRLS -Daph Pale / Dark Brows
make-up: Miamai_MardiGras Makeup 04 NEW

dress: Miamai_Glady Black NEW

Miamai_MardiGras Makeup 01
Miamai_MardiGras Makeup 02
Miamai_MardiGras Makeup 03
Miamai_MardiGras Makeup 05

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka

Mix’n’Match (493) ~ News by [LeeZu!] and PurpleMoon

Hey friends,

me again! I’m back for today with a really stunning avant garde mesh dress by [LeeZu!]. The newest release is a breathtaker over and over! The dress is made with a dark collar of feather, a half-semi top (a black stripe is set over the breast part) and a long and elegant mermaid skirt. At the end of the skirt you find a new pattern, just wow! Included is a cute little hat (not shown here) and long gloves. All is mesh, so it fits perfect to your body form.

Added to this post is a new set by PurpleMoon. This hair together with the head piece makes the look striking and avant garde.! Love it!

hair: :: PM :: Day Hair with Headpiece -BASICS- (Ebony) NEW
headpiece: :: PM :: Day Hair with Headpiece -BASICS- NEW
skin: IT GIRLS -Daph Pale / Dark Brows
eye-make-up: IT GIRLS- Daph Eyeshadow -Lucky + IT GIRLS- Daph Eyeshadow -Versache
lip-make-up: IT GIRLS- Daph Lips- 5
dress: [LeeZu!] NOiR Nightingale Gown <Mesh> NEW

model, stylist & pic by: Nala Kurka

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Mix’n’Match (492) ~ News by + ezura + and blackLiquid MAKEUP

Hello and good morning from Europe!

We are back to our beloved weekend and for Nala also 1 week vacation *yay*.

Today we start with really hot and cute rain dress by ezura and some of the stunning make-ups by blackliquid. Since a few her mainstore is final open an offers make-ups and lashes on a really high level. Different colors and forms are used for the eyes- und lips-tattoos. Step by!

hairbase: (Paper Couture) Parted Hair Base – Black
hat: blackLiquid HAT – heartist @ Back to Black
eye-shadow: blackLiquid MAKEUP – life summer
lip-make-up: blackLiquid MAKEUP -  pansy gloss
dress: + eX + Rain Suit *Purple Set
nails: Candy nail #P006 Long Prim Violet
shoes: blackLiquid BOOT – heartist @ Back to Black

blackLiquid MAKEUP – life & lash apocalypse + blackLiquid MAKEUP – black gloss 1

blackLiquid MAKEUP -  life & lash spring + blackLiquid MAKEUP – african dream gloss 1 blackLiquid MAKEUP – berry blast gloss 1 + blackLiquid MAKEUP -  life & lash winter blackLiquid MAKEUP – life & lash autumn + blackLiquid MAKEUP – pink poison gloss

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka

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Mix’n’Match (491) ~ Mesh News by Baiastice

Hello lovelies,

mesh is hot! And Baiastice released a new line! I love the edgy line and the casual styles plus the fresh colors!

hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Marie” (Type A)(Citrine) group gift
skin: IT GIRLS -Daph Pale / Dark Brows
eye-make-up: IT GIRLS- Daph Eyeshadow -Cavalera
lips: IT GIRLS- Daph Lips- 2
top: Baiastice_Jem shirt-cian/violet NEW
pants: Baiastice_Corte shorts-violet NEW
gloves: Emery – Gloves #Grape
bag: Fleshtone :: Lana Leather Tote [TFG]
leggings: Baiastice_Leather leggings-black
shoes: [ef] – La Cheville Cale Boots – TFG Exclusive

hair: ::Exile:: Girls of Summer:Brownie NEW
glasses: bitch. – MESH BC Frames/Green
top: Baiastice_Altha top-magenta NEW
ring: Donna Flora BACI ring
pants: Baiastice_Joho high waist pants-green NEW
shoes: Baiastice-Nicki Ankle Boots-black

hair: *CASHMERE*Twogue Hairbase-red
skin: IT GIRLS -Daph Pale / Dark Brows
eye-make-up: IT GIRLS- Daph Eyeshadow -Cinderella
lip-make-up: IT GIRLS- Daph Lips- 5
earrings: NHA! Earrings Nubia/Black
pullover: Baiastice_Shirley mesh sweater-blue/gold NEW
pants: Baiastice_Leather leggings-magenta NEW 

model, styling & photo: Nala Kurka

Mix’n’Match (491) ~ News from Lapointe & Bastschild

Hello friends,

I’m back with the newest release from “Lapointe & Bastchild”. This shoes are perfect for every cowboy among you! The boots have an amazing texture. You can get them in different colors and each pack includes a bonus shoe. You will love!

.:L&B:. "Biker" Classic Boots

shoes: .:L&B:. “Biker” Classic Boots Smooth/Tan NEW
pants: .:L&B:. S’Wear “Assassin” Leather Pant
belt: .:L&B:. S’Wear Mens “Biker Belt” Special Edition with Hud
shirt: [ hoorenbeek ] Military Shirt – White
skin: *BIRTH* Thor Skin (tannedtone) – Jawline
hair: *Drot* – The Josh – Smoke
hand jewelry: +ROZOREGALIA+ *Gemma*Ring&Nail/1(M)

Mix’n’Match (490) ~ News by Mea Culpa & Alge’s Design

Good morning friends,

today i have the honour to present a really wonderful dress by Mea Culpa. And yes, its a honour, cause the whole ensemble is a masterpiece. This gown was made for Shena Neox for the Miss Virtual World 2012 Finale.

The main color of it is a deep red tone. You find other highlights all over: a huge shoulder part with a fan and tentacles, a straphless top and a mermaid skirt with ruffles, to count some few. It all is stunning by using a high quality texture for this.

I added to this a new make-up by Alge’s Design. Its perfect for this and underlines the dress. Make a step at Alge her shop, there are so much more beautiful make-ups available!

skin: IT GIRLS -Wixson Pale / Dark Brows
eye-make-up: E Brushstroke Nala – Alge’s Designs NEW
lip-make-up: IT GIRLS- Wixson Lip 8
hair: Miamai_Jojo TearBlack dress: Mea Culpa valentia del toro NEW
gloves: Davinel – Ferocious – Dhole Forearm Gloves

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka


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