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Hello fashion lovers!

My name is Nala and I’m in SL since more than 7 years. I’m a real fashion junkie and love different styles, to have an eye on new releases and my passion is to mix clothes to aim an unique look!

This is a blog to present new styles & fashion only in relation to the online game “Second Life”, previews from imworld designers, events and contests. You will also find informations about fashion shows here.

You will also find posts by friends of me here, whose will also show you their amazin style ups! So check out!

Best regards from Nala

For contact inworld please write me an IM or drop me a NW. I’m often very busy so please don’t be angry if i don’t reply directly. You can also write me a mail:

7 thoughts on “contact & disclaimer

  1. Tom Pascale sagt:


    We run a blog about freebies and bargains in Second Life.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to add our blog to your blogroll.
    If yes, I will do the same.

    Blog title: Resas Freebie Corner
    Blog address:

    Thank you very much for your consideration.


  2. Nala Kurka sagt:

    Hello Tom, i add you :-)

  3. Thalia Heckroth sagt:

    Hola! I run a blog for the Spanish/English Speaking community.

    Your blog is already on the roll :)
    Mine is

    Blog: Thalia Heckroth

    Thank you :)


  4. Nala Kurka sagt:

    Hello Thalia, thank you so much and yes i did. Like your blog!
    Huggs, Nala

  5. SL Fiend sagt:

    Hiya Doll, would like to be added to the blogroll if possible, you’re site is already listed on mine. or

  6. Hi dear! Great work and blog!! I add you in our blog list ^^ Now i have more one place for see the news!!


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