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Mix’n’Match (751) ~ News by Vanity Hair, coldLogic and .:EMO-tions..

hair: Vanity Hair: Boys will be Boys-Hidden Red
glasses: Baiastice_Vintage roundglasses-silver
dress: coldLogic dress – lovern.coal
pants: coldLogic leggings – chea.grayscale
shoes: – Shoes Cathy – 12colors R / REDGRAVE

hair: .:EMO-tions.. * KALINDA * /naturals 1
pullover: coldLogic shirt – jacobs.midnight
pants: coldLogic jeans – peck.06

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka

Mix’n’Match (746) ~ News by .:EMO-tions.. and Baiastice

hair: .:EMO-tions:. * NICOLE* /naturals1 NEW
necklace: .:EMO-tions.. * SALOME* necklace NEW
dress: Baiastice_Arya dress-nectarine NEW
bracelet: .:EMO-tions.. * SALOME*  armband (2) NEW

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka
poses: MaVie

Mix’n’Match (699) ~ Fashion for Life (6) ~ News by .:EMO-tions:., FINESMITH and GizzA

hair: .:EMO-tions:. * STRANGELOVE*/flames NEW
jewelry: FINESMITH Maziar gold NEW
dress: GizzA – Panache Gown [Dark Brown] @ FFL 2013

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka p
: BehaviorBody

Mix’n’Match (689) ~ News by .:EMO-tions.., LaGyo and Lush*Limited

hair: [kik]Ria I(red3)
jewelry:  .:EMO-tions:. *ETERNAL * Jewelry sets NEW
eye-make-up: Baiastice_inkta eyeshadow-forestgreen
lip-make-up: *BOOM* Lipwax – Pale
top: Lush*Limited: Balloon Tube Top (poppy light) NEW
bag: LaGyo_Triple leather bag saddle @ The Arcade
skirt: Lush*Limited: Ballon skirt  (Poppy light) NEW
shoes: ! Shoes Loona – 12colors / REDGRAVE (RGP0340004)

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka
poses: BehaviorBody

Mix’n’Match (688) ~ Fashion for Life (3) ~ News by .:EMO-tions:. and [LeeZu!]

hair: .:EMO-tions:. * ESTELLE*/flames @ Fashion for Life
necklace: .:EMO-tions:. * MEMORY * necklace NEW
outfit: [LeeZu!] ZuZu Monokini silver NEW
shoes: ! Shoes LILLY- 3colors / REDGRAVE (RGP0340009)

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka
poses: BehaviorBody

Every year, hundreds of people in Second Life ™ donate their time, creativity and money to help raise funds and awareness on behalf of the ‘American Cancer Society’ at FASHION FOR LIFE.

This year from 9 – 17 March an incredible area of 9 sims, built by some of the grid’s best artists and builders, will open to the public, based on the theme of ‘The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.’

EMO-tions made 3 exclusive hairs for this event.
!!! 100 % of the sales will be DONATED !

….but that’s not all : EVERY item / hairpack (not fatpacks!) on FFL will be 99 ld !!!!!!!! – so don’t hesitate to spend a few lindens for a good purpose !

…that is still not all — if you buy an item @ EMO-tions on FFL, you can also grab a Gift for you! (probably even without buying before * giggles *): HELENA , which is not NEW , but in exclusive OMBRE – tone, comes with hair jewelry in silver and gold.

Mix’n’Match (659) ~ News by *Solidea FoliEs*, GizzA, .:EMO-tions:. and [MANDALA]

hair: .:EMO-tions:. * STARLINE * flames NEW
headpiece: *Solidea FoliEs* StellaCometa /silver diamond NEW
necklace: [MANDALA]OSENBEI Jewelry set/SILVER NEW
dress: GizzA – Linnda Gown – Mesh [Red] NEW

stylist, model & photographer: Nala Kurka
poses: BehaviorBody

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Mix’n’Match (599) ~ News by !!DragansVarg!! & Fashion Show (56) ~ *Allure Inc.* presents “The Magic Forest”

Good morning friends,

!!DragansVarg!! offers different fantasy and roleplay outfits for male and female. In this post i introduce one of their newest releaes “Jean”. This outfit is a meshed strapless mini dress in black, has a huge metal collar with a female figure, gloves, a shoulder wrap,  the Nun’s headpiece plus flexy sleeves. In addiction i wear matching meshed shoes, also by !!DragansVarg!!, which are included in the set

hair: .:EMO-tions:. * SHENA*/darkred
lips: *BOOM* Lipwax – Goth
pose: *PosESioN*
outfit with shoes: !! DragansVarg !! Sister Jean
The outfit and the shoes are also available in a white version.

You wanna see more of amazing designs like this? So join this Fashion Show:

Allure Inc. presents The Magic Forest by !!DragansVarg!! Saturday, September 15th 2012, 12pm SLT

Let us invite you to a secret world, the Magic Forest. Discover with us the mystic people living there and find out more about the yet almost unknown Petite people. You may have heard rumors, now we take you on a walk on entangled paths through the dark and strange forest to the enchanted lake where they live.

Be amazed and enthralled with the mystic fashion created by Karigan and Thorsten Ducatillon under their famous brand !!DragansVarg!!

– Draakje Dailey
– Falbala Fairey
– Annough Lykin
– Xandrah Sciavo
– Hikaru Enimo
– Rex Requiem

Greeter: Scatterheart Manimbo Aboma (scatterheart.aboma)
Host: Annough Lykin
Backstage Coordination: Nala Kurka
DJ: Kristina Simon
Choreography: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Stage: Annough Lykin / Thorsten Ducatillon
Advertisement: Annough Lykin Script: Annough Lykin
Producer: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Show Photos: Annough Lykin


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