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Fashion Show (57) ~ *Allure Inc.* presents “December goes Couture”

*Allure Inc*. presents ~ December goes Couture ~ Sunday, December 9th 2012 – 12pm SLT

The month of December marks a special time and sets a definitive and remarkable highlight to the whole year. It is synonymous with sharing time with family and friends, for love, happiness, being together and enjoy Christmas amidst cold winter days.

The month of December also marks the end of year and introduces changes and new beginnings. The new season is significantly determinated by fashion and style, creating and setting new trends and releasing new designs.

*Allure Inc* is proud to present “December goes Couture”, an unique fashion event hold on December the 9th, 12 noon slt. Imagine haute couture and high-fashion designs showcased by the best and most experienced models of SL in an incredible editorial set.

Let us invite you to a very special Winter Show with the fabulous Designers:
– Countdown
– DragansVarg
– PurpleMoon
– Vero Modero
– Violator

– Annough Lykin
– Falbala Fairey
– Marijana Aries
– Vixie Rayna
– Veronica Krasner
– Zaara123
– Liam Netzien
– Scatterheart Aboma

Host: Federica Galtier
Backstage Coordination: Nala Kurka
DJ: Djchaoswilkinson1970
Choreography: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Stage: Annough Lykin / Thorsten Ducatillon
Advertisement: Annough Lykin
Script: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Producer: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Show Photos: Annough Lykin

ATTENTION! This event will be shown only for a limited numbers of people. If you wanna be part of this show, please contact Annough Lykin BEFORE the show. You will get an special VIP-access. Thank you for this.

Mix’n’Match (632) ~ News by FATEwear and *booN

hat: *ARGRACE* Hunting – only cap-type C
glasses: (epoque) Timeless Shades – Neutral
hair: *booN NYN116 hair brown/mat/chestnut NEW
scarf: DRIFT Cozy Fur Collar [Mesh] – Artic Fox NEW
coat: FATEwear Coat – Desmond – Volcano NEW
bag: ISON – kabuki crocodile tote (pearl)
pants: tram -tweed tuck pants(MESH)[Grey]
shoes: Maitreya Gold * Moxie Coal

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka

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Mix’n’Match (627) ~ News by blackLiquid

outfit with hoodie and shoes plus face-make-up: blackLiquid OUTFIT – EXPLOITED DELUXE COPY PARTIAL MESH
model, stylist & blogger: Nala Kurka

Mix’n’Match (625) ~ News by *Orage Creations*

hair: (epoque hair) Alejandro – Heat
earrings: MG – Earring-Lealao-HB Amber
ring: P.C; Polished Stones Ring – Orange
outfit: OC – Vie Baroque @ AVENUE Inc [ CINQUE ] – Zenshi

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka

Mix’n’Match (599) ~ News by !!DragansVarg!! & Fashion Show (56) ~ *Allure Inc.* presents “The Magic Forest”

Good morning friends,

!!DragansVarg!! offers different fantasy and roleplay outfits for male and female. In this post i introduce one of their newest releaes “Jean”. This outfit is a meshed strapless mini dress in black, has a huge metal collar with a female figure, gloves, a shoulder wrap,  the Nun’s headpiece plus flexy sleeves. In addiction i wear matching meshed shoes, also by !!DragansVarg!!, which are included in the set

hair: .:EMO-tions:. * SHENA*/darkred
lips: *BOOM* Lipwax – Goth
pose: *PosESioN*
outfit with shoes: !! DragansVarg !! Sister Jean
The outfit and the shoes are also available in a white version.

You wanna see more of amazing designs like this? So join this Fashion Show:

Allure Inc. presents The Magic Forest by !!DragansVarg!! Saturday, September 15th 2012, 12pm SLT

Let us invite you to a secret world, the Magic Forest. Discover with us the mystic people living there and find out more about the yet almost unknown Petite people. You may have heard rumors, now we take you on a walk on entangled paths through the dark and strange forest to the enchanted lake where they live.

Be amazed and enthralled with the mystic fashion created by Karigan and Thorsten Ducatillon under their famous brand !!DragansVarg!!

– Draakje Dailey
– Falbala Fairey
– Annough Lykin
– Xandrah Sciavo
– Hikaru Enimo
– Rex Requiem

Greeter: Scatterheart Manimbo Aboma (scatterheart.aboma)
Host: Annough Lykin
Backstage Coordination: Nala Kurka
DJ: Kristina Simon
Choreography: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Stage: Annough Lykin / Thorsten Ducatillon
Advertisement: Annough Lykin Script: Annough Lykin
Producer: Nala Kurka / Annough Lykin
Show Photos: Annough Lykin


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Fashion Show (55) ~ Sydney Fashion Week presents (Kunglers)

The Sydney Fashion Week 2012 by IMA Inc. is still running. Today the last show will be hold for one of my most beloved brands: Kunglers by the sisters Ava Kungler & Barbara Kunglers.
Well known for casual and formal clothes, for beautiful jewelry, you will see the newest releases of this amazing brand.
Don’t miss this show!

1. Tyra Eirsen
2. Falbala Fairey
3. Calima Dufaux
4. Fuzz Lennie
5. Kay Fairey
6. helen Zhora

Host: Chamonix Boudreaux
Scriptwriter: Chamonix Boudreaux DJ: Bishof
Sponsors: Deesses, Loovus Dzevavor

Don’t forget to come at the after-party! TAXI

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Fashion Show (53) ~ *Allure Inc.* presents BLACK

“Without black, no color has any depth. But if you mix black with everything, suddenly there’s shadow – no, not just shadow, but fullness. You’ve got to be willing to mix black into your palette if you want to create something that’s real.” ~ Amy Grant


B L A C K +++an extraordinary fashion show by Allure Inc.+++


You are friendly invited to an amazing fashion show hold by *Allure Inc.* We present the new BLACK collection by Vero Modero plus amazing jewelry by Chop Zuey.

“BLACK IS NOT A COLOR” ~ Edouard Manet Isn’t it??? Find it out!

SUNDAY, 5th of august, 1 pm slt

– Annough Lykin
– Blair Leifstrom
– Falbala Fairey
– Seashell Dench
– Xandrah Sciavo
– Zaara123 resident

– Bety Dudek

showcased brands:
clothes: [VM] VERO MODERO
jewelry: Chop Zuey

producer & choreography:
– Annough Lykin
– Nala Kurka

– Annough Lykin

backstage coordination & script:
– Nala Kurka

– Annough Lykin

So save your sit! Black clothes are appreciated.



Annough Lykin & Nala Kurka *Allure Inc.*

Mix’n’Match (539) ~ Rock Chic

Hey guys,

today a mix of different brands and some older stuff. I tried to capture the theme “rock chic” and love it. It was fun to style!

skin: IT GIRLS – Eva Summer / Brown brows
eye-make-up: ITGIRLS – Eva Summer – Carmen Eyeshadow
lip-make-up: ITGIRLS – Eva Summer Lip6
glasses: – Sunglasses LAURITA / V1.1 – REDGRAVE
hair: [CheerNo] Hair MAX [Dark 3.0N]
earring: [DH] Cross Earring Left

necklace: [CheerNo] LORY Scarf [Black]
undershirt: ~ imbue. strappy bustier 1
top: Karma – Mesh  Loose Tank Top – Striped -
gloves: Emery – Gloves #Black
ring: IMBUE. Cross Ring – Pink

shorts: IMBUE. Studded Dye Shorts – Fire
tights: *Fishy Strawberry* Swan Lake Hot Pink -Leggins
bag: {mon tissu} Weekend Traveler ~ Vintage Rose
shoes: AZOURY-Les Bottines Dahlia Rose

model, stylist & photographer: Nala Kurka

Fashion Show (52) ~ Look Elite Models presents “The Cotton Club Parade”

The Cotton Club Parade – Look Elite Graduation Show May 6, 2pm SLT

Inspired by the 1930’s club by the same name in Harlem, New York, they will present a unique show based on fashion, music, and art deco style of the time.
  • Donna Flora
  • Melu Deco
  • GlamDammit
  • Mainland Music Management

Don’t miss this great event and watch the beautiful designs in an amazing set!

Fashion Show (51) ~ *Allure Inc.* presents “Spring Breeze”

Ladies and gentlemen,

this time we wanna take you to a wonderful sommer place on the New England Sims of SL:

Join us on our trip to the sea. Take a walk along the shore. Enjoy a nice little boat trip. And get the newest fashion updates. Life is just easy and beautiful, when spring comes along!

Let us show you the best outfits for this season from our great designers: * Azoury * Countdown * Prism * New York Couture * Kunglers * Jador * N1CO * Aleida

So join our trip, taste the fresh spring breeze and be part of an amazing setting and fashion show! *Allure Inc.* is proud to present ~ Spring Breeze ~ Sunday, the 29th of April, at 12 pm slt.

models: – Annough Lykin – Catlyn Sahara – Draakje Dailey – Julia Brand – Kay Fairey

producer: Nala Kurka/Annough Lykin choreography: Nala Kurka stage/advertisement: Annough Lykin script: Nala Kurka/Annough Lykin DJ: CitizenThe Auer host: Eavanya Firelyte

Take your friends and enjoy with us :-) .
*Allure Inc.*

Taxi to the Show


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