review policy

Dear lovely designers,

its a great honour for me to report about your new releases and designs. Before you send me your items, please read the following rules:

  • Please contact me via Mail ( or inworld before sending your items.
  • Transmitting me an item is NO garanty to see the items at my page. Please lets talk about this before.
  • The pictures at this side are mostly edited in photoshop and may be variant to the original. For authentic colors look at the vendors in the store please.
  • My time in SL is limited. I try to give as many as possible designers the possibilty to see her items blogged. But please don’t send me your whole collection. Its enough to present 2-3 items as maximum to transport an impression of your style and work.
  • This is my blog and my site. So i decide on myself what stuff and clothes i want to show. I’m inspirational by many different brands and I’m happy to combinate them to create my own stylings and interpretations.

Thank you all!


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